Tool Lullaby Renditions CD – Infant

by Double Z on July 17, 2010

Tool, one of my favorite bands, the trance of their long rhythms and Maynard’s voice put you in a very relaxed state that simply can’t be described by words. With 20 years history they are now on a tour preparing to record a new album, so they will stick around for now, which is great because your rock baby might be able to catch a glimpse of one of the greatest bands of our time. You can start with Tool Lullaby Renditions CD – Infant, you and your baby will spend countless hours listening to these lullaby renditions:

Tool Lullaby Renditions CD - Infant

Tool Lullaby Renditions CD - Infant

1. The Grudge
2. Sober
3. Opiate
4. Disposition
5. Schism
6. Parabol
7. Parabola
8. Sweat
9. Reflection
10. Lateralus
11. The Patient

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