M is for Metallica

by Double Z on July 5, 2010

M, the greatest M in the history of rock stands for Metallica. The band who opened a portal for thousands of bands and for thousands of fans to express themselves through their music. It is easy to say that Metallica left its mark on the rock history; it left its mark in everyone of our hearts with their devastating solos and heart touching words. A legacy of Metallica is something that will stand for a long time; it will be passed on from father to son, starting from a very early age, from infant age.

For all the fans of Metallica with little rock babies crawling around the best gift would be something like this Metallica Crayon Infant Onesie. This black cool onesie with all color logo is perfect for any baby, but a rock baby will know how to appreciate it.

Metallica Crayon Infant Onesie

Metallica Crayon Infant Onesie

If your rock baby prefers lighter clothes then you should go with Metallica Tattoo Infant Onesie. This is a perfect thing for a true rock baby.

Metallica Tattoo Infant Onesie

Metallica Tattoo Infant Onesie

I know every Metallica fan would love his child to wear the logo of the great M, after all, Metallica is more than music.

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