The Beatles Lullaby Renditions CD – Infant

by Double Z on July 17, 2010

The Beatles, one of the greatest bands of all times, the British band that influenced rock music greatly, they were the pioneers. Plenty of today’s music is thanks to their influence and their breaking of the taboos and setting of new standards. Now, for all the future rockers around the world we have The Beatles Lullaby Renditions CD – Infant, finally available. You and your rock baby will listen to this lullaby CD for hours and hours, featuring songs like Yesterday, Yellow Submarine and Here Comes the Sun. This is really one and only Lullaby CD that your rock baby simply must have. Here is the list of tracks on this Beatles lullaby rendition CD:

The Beatles Lullaby Renditions CD - Infant

The Beatles Lullaby Renditions CD - Infant

1. Yesterday
2. Across the Universe
3. Michelle
4. Strawberry Fields Forever
5. I’m Only Sleeping
6.Hey Jude
7. Something
8. Yellow Submarine
9. Here There and Everywhere
10. Here Comes the Sun
11. And I Love Her
12. If I Fell

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